I believe this isn’t the first time you are seeing these words.  But seriously you are loved. The kind of love here is one that helps you to love yourself and also love others around you.

Love is a mystery o! Abi how else do you want to explain your affection towards a person or a thing for no realistic reason.
To extend love to those around you, you need not to understand the mystery. All you have to do is to just know the person who owns love (God).

Loving ones self and extending love can’t be done with the human strength alone. You will have to attach yourself to the founder of love else you are only carrying out a transaction. Showing love so that you can get something in return.
For a long time, I would tell myself that I loved people but in my love, I didn’t expect them to ever hurt and disappoint me. Well, I God the shocker of my life 

God loves you. Understanding this is just the beginning to living a life of purpose and to know God is to know love.

John 3:16, 1John 4:7-9